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Punda - Large retail space for rent in central location

Punda Curacao

Large retail space for rent in a super central location in Punda Curacao.

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€ 1.441

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Brievengat - Commercial space for rent including storage space

Brievengat Curacao

This commercial space is very centrally located in between the most important commercial and financial neighborhood of Brievengat Curacao.

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€ 1.417

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Commercial unit on Rooseveltweg


In the center of commerce in Curacao on the first floor we have a 200m2 space of wide possibilities for a business.

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€ 1.321

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Cas Grandi - 4-bedroom apartment for rent

Banda Abou Curacao

This apartment is located at Banda Abou Curacao. Due to the fantastic location alongside the main road, it could be ideally used as an office space.

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€ 1.201

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Zeelandia – Commercial unit on central, prime location

Zeelandia Curacao

This commercial unit in Zeelandia Curacao is located in a prime location, close to busy roads and adjacent to many shops, departments stores, and...

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€ 1.201

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