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Schottegatweg Noord - Commercial Building for rent

Zeelandia Curacao

This commercial building is very centrally located on the main road of Schottegatweg Noord in Zeelandia Curacao, adjacent to the most important...

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€ 6.951

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Veeris - Commercial building for Rent close to Sambil

Veeris Curacao

Spacious commercial building, 1000m2 right on the high traffic road to Sambil shopping mall in Veeris Curacao.

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€ 6.951

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Punda - Commercial property for rent in the heart of Willemstad

Punda Curacao

The interior of the building has been totally renovated, making it a great spot at one of the best locations in Punda.The property has 3 floors that...

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from € 5.144

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Parera - beautiful office buildings and warehouse near Fokkerweg

Salinja Curacao

The main building of this combined listing is located at the ringroad, Fokkerweg 17 in Parera, close by Salinja Curacao. On the first floor, just...

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€ 5.005

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Janwe - Caracasbaaiweg 199 Multifunctional Retail Space of 650 m2


This multifunctional retail space has long been a landmark on the Caracasbaaiweg and has long been the base for many water sports enthusiasts.

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€ 4.634

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