RE/MAX BonBini Commercial offers the following services:

  1. Developer representation
  2. Liaison for project financing for foreign investors through local banks
  3. Due diligence analysis / FIU regulations
  4. Market research and feasibility studies
  5. Distressed development solutions/SEO

A. Project management for the project developer / Developer representation
  • assisting with project financing and bank relations
  • set up sales and marketing plan
  • assist with legal and business affairs
  • consulting with government departments and applying for building permits

B. Liaison for project financing for foreign investors through local banks
Introducing the investor with local bank relations and supervising the financing application.

C. Due diligence and advice for investors
RE/MAX BonBini Commercial complies with all FIU regulations

Due Diligence when buying real estate:
A thorough due diligence investigation is indispensable when you invest in commercial real estate. We carefully record the technical condition of the property and check the permits. In addition, we analyze various uses and possible risks. We work according to the guidelines of RICS. Through flexibility, clear reporting and emphasis on communication we can serve you effectively and purposefully.

Due diligence when selling real estate:
If you sell real estate, a due diligence investigation offers the following benefits:
  • shortening the sales process because all data about the property are known and present
  • a greater chance of meeting the asking price and saving costs for the buyer
  • buyers can build on the 'reliance' that we give to our reports, which makes the negotiations run smoother

D. Market research a feasibility study
An answer is found to questions/situations like:
  • are there legal restrictions such as zoning plans?
  • is the project technically feasible?
  • logistic restrictions or soil contamination
  • can the project be realized within the budget?
  • what are the expected risks and how can they be controlled?

E. Distressed development solutions

There are great opportunities for profitable investments in distressed or bank-owned properties, but you need a top-notch, local expert on your side. Whether you're seeking an acquisition or possibly a safe exit strategy, a RE/MAX BonBini broker can help maximize your investment and retain more of your business assets.
Contact us to take advantage of the unique and timely opportunities in distressed assets.

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