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Zeelandia – Commercial unit on central, prime location

Zeelandia Curacao

This commercial unit in Zeelandia Curacao is located in a prime location, close to busy roads and adjacent to many shops, departments stores, and...

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€ 1.246

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Santa Rosaweg - Centrally located multifunctional storage unit, 50m2

Willemstad South

Centrally located multifunctional storage unit located on the Santa Rosaweg. The units are located in the Willemstad South Business Center and...

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€ 448

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Ara Hill Top Building – Modern office building starting ANG 1060,00 pm

Willemstad South

This fresh and modern office space is located on the 1st floor of the Ara Hill Top Building in # area #. The Ara Hill Top Building is located at one...

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€ 528

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Seru Loraweg - Commercial Building for rent

Willemstad South

This commercial building is very centrally located at the Willemstad South, in between the most important commercial and financial neighborhood of...

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€ 1.121

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Ara Hill Top Building - Office spaces for rent with spectacular views

Willemstad South

Looking for an office to rent in Curacao? This commercial building in Willemstad South is very centrally located and is ideal for financial services,...

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€ 3.052

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Gorgeous commercial space in the heart of Willemstad

Willemstad South

This gorgeous Commercial space in the heart of Willemstad is located on an A-location. This retail unit is located in the Willemstad South district.

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€ 3.737

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Libier - family home with 7 apartments on spacious lot

Willemstad North

Classic style house with small-scale apartment complex on the site of the former Plantage Schooneboom

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€ 440.929

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Veeris - Commercial building for Rent close to Sambil

Veeris Curacao

Spacious commercial building, 1000m2 right on the high traffic road to Sambil shopping mall in Veeris Curacao.

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€ 7.473

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For rent - office space close to Sambil (under construction)

Veeris Curacao

On this strategic excellent location next to the new shopping mall Sambil in Veeris Curacao (open as of 28 May 2015) and to the road to HATO...

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on request

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Veeris A-33 & A-34 - Excellent located spacious commercial lot

Veeris Curacao

This excellently located lot in Veeris Curacao, in the vicinity of Sambil, with a total perimeter of 2470 square meters is now for sale to exploit.

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€ 233.817